630: Black Mormon Lives Matter

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John Dehlin and Lindsay Hansen Park interview Mica McGriggs, Samy Galvez, and Tinesha Zandamela about race relations in the Mormon church, and their experiences growing up as people of color …

451: A Discussion of the New Race and the Priesthood Web Page (RadioWest)

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In this episode, Doug Fabrizio of RadioWest interviews Margaret Young, Marvin Perkins, Russell Stevenson, and John Dehlin about the LDS church’s new web page entitled “Race and the Priesthood.”

376: Margaret Young – Race and Gender Dynamics in Modern Mormonism

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A Thoughtful Faith’s Kylan Rice presents an interview with LDS author, filmmaker, and playwright Margaret Young. In this interview Margaret shares her story of how she became enthralled with Mormon …

002: Gregory Prince and David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism

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David O. McKay presented a dramatic contrast to his predecessors: an athletic, movie-star-handsome, clean-shaven figure who often wore a white double-breasted suit; contrasted to the dark-suited, bearded polygamists (or, in …