604: The Oasis Network of Secular Communities – A Possible Home for Unorthodox and Post-Mormons

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As progressive and post-Mormons continue to leave the LDS church in increasing numbers, many former LDS church members miss the sense of community that they once enjoyed as active Mormons. …

383: Mr. Deity’s Brian Dalton Discusses Book of Mormon Racism with Dan Wotherspoon and Charles Harrell

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This Mormon Matters episode hosted by Dan Wotherspoon examines the status of the claim that the Book of Mormon teaches that dark skin is a curse from God, that because of …

328: Three Powerful Stories about Having Difficult Mormon Conversations with Family

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Three Powerful Stories about Having Difficult Mormon Conversations with Family.

222-227: Understanding Atheism after Mormonism

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In this multi-part interview, Dan Wotherspoon interviews Tyson Jacobsen and Randy Snyder about their transition from devout Mormonism to atheism.

132-134: Karen Armstrong’s “The Case for God” and Mormonism Parts 1-3

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I would like to kick off the inaugural “Mormon Stories Book Club” with our first book: Karen Armstrong’s “The Case for God”. In Part 1, I re-publish Terry Gross’ 2009 …