870: Sam Young and ProtectLDSChildren.org – Apostasy Charges and March for the Children

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In this episode, we check in with Bishop Sam Young to discuss progress in his petition to end sexually-invasive questions to children during clergy interviews.  We also discuss his plans …

684-686: Margi Dehlin’s Mormon Transition

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I am incredibly pleased to interview my dear wife of 23 years, Margaret (Margi) Weber Dehlin. In this three-part interview, I ask Margi a series of 46 questions focusing on thee parts: …

667-668: Stephen Bloor – The British Bishop who Lost his Faith, was Excommunicated without a Disciplinary Council

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In this two-part episode we interview Stephen Bloor. Stephen discusses his experiences growing up as a Mormon in the U.K. including serving an LDS mission and being married in the …

623: Elizabeth Grimshaw – Facing LDS Excommunication for being Same-Sex Married

John Dehlin Excommunication, LGBTQ, Marriage & Family, Women & Feminism 86 Comments

Elizabeth Grimshaw was raised Mormon. She knew she was lesbian as a teenager, but spent her early years (teens and 20s) attempting to date men and to marry a man. …

607-608: Jake and Hannah Ricks – The Disciplinary Council With No Disciplinary Action

John Dehlin Disciplinary Councils 53 Comments

In December of 2015 Jake Ricks was informed that he would be facing an LDS disciplinary council for apostasy, based on a series of benign Facebook posts he made during …

586-587: Responding to the LDS Church’s Clarification on its Same-Gender Marriage and Children Policies

John Dehlin LGBTQ 46 Comments

Today the LDS Church released a clarification to the new policies on same-gender marriage and children.  Michael Otterson (Managing Director of LDS Church Public Relations) also released a memo entitled “Understanding the Handbook.” …

585: Eric Reeves, Son of LDS Relief Society General Presidency 2nd Counselor Linda S. Reeves, Encourages Open Opposition to LDS Church SGA Policy Changes

John Dehlin LGBTQ 86 Comments

Eric Reeves is the son of LDS Relief Society General Presidency Member Linda S. Reeves and former LDS mission president Melvyn Reeves. In this episode Eric discusses: His early years in the church, …

584: RadioWest Discussion of The New LDS Church Policy on Same-Sex Families

John Dehlin LGBTQ, Marriage & Family, Top 25 LGBT 29 Comments

News broke last week that the LDS Church was adopting new policies aimed at married same-sex couples and their children. Mormons in a same-sex marriage will now be considered apostates …

583: Changes to LDS Policy Regarding Same-Gender Relationships and Children

John Dehlin Excommunication, LGBTQ, Marriage & Family 92 Comments

In this episode we discuss the recent changes to LDS Handbook 1 regarding LGBT members who enter into same-gender relationships, and their children.  Panelists include Natasha Helfer Parker, Dr. Kristy …

554: Sermon for the First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City

John Dehlin Excommunication, Faith Promoting Stories 31 Comments

On August 2, 2015 I was asked to deliver the sermon for the First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City, Utah.  The topic was my experiences as a Mormon that …

545-546: Rock Waterman’s Church Disciplinary Council Interviews

John Dehlin Disciplinary Councils, Fundamentalists 45 Comments

Rock Waterman (blogger at Pure Mormonism) is a prominent Mormon blogger who maintains belief in all of the fundamental LDS Church truth claims (e.g., God, Jesus, Joseph Smith, Book of …

544: Marisa and Carson Calderwood Discuss Their Excommunication

John Dehlin Excommunication, Top Mormon Faith Crisis Stories 65 Comments

  In this episode Marisa and Carson Calderwood discuss their excommunication from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on May 21, 2015 for apostasy. ————— ***We are 100% …

Bonus: BYU Accreditation Meeting with Students (April 2015)

John Dehlin Current Events, Faith Promoting Stories 31 Comments

On April 15th, 2015 six board members from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities met with over 100 current and former Brigham Young University students to get the most authentic feedback …

531: John Larsen’s Mormon Expression

John Dehlin Ex-Mormon Stories, Mormon Transitions 32 Comments

John Larsen is the influential founder and host of Mormon Expression podcast, and of the White Fields Educational Foundation. This is his story.

528: Carson Calderwood – Enduring a Disciplinary Council as a Matter of Conscience

John Dehlin Disciplinary Councils, Excommunication, Mormon Transitions, Progressive Mormonism 133 Comments

Carson Calderwood is an LDS dentist and father of four living in Maple Valley, Washington.  He served an LDS mission in Argentina, married his wife, Marisa, in an LDS temple, …

483-486: Christine Jeppsen Clark, Daughter of General Authority Malcolm Jeppsen

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Christine Jeppsen Clark is a mother of six, a former Mormon Tabernacle Choir member, a Ph.D. graduate student focusing on dementia, and a dear personal friend.  She is also the …

480-482: Jeremy Runnells and his Letter to a CES Director

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In February 2012, Jeremy Runnels experienced a crisis of faith, which subsequently led to a faith transition in the summer of 2012. In the spring of 2013, Jeremy was approached …

400: Top 5 Myths and Truths about Why Committed Mormons Leave the Church

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I created this video/presentation for two reasons: To dispel any misunderstandings about why people leave the church (and what happens to them when they do). I’ve been wanting to update …

374-375: Eldon Kartchner Pts. 3 & 4: Losing Heather to Cancer, Grief, and its Impact on Faith

John Dehlin Ex-Mormon Stories, Faith Promoting Stories, LGBTQ, Marriage & Family, Top 25 LGBT 66 Comments

In parts 3 and 4 of a 4-part series, Eldon Kartchner discusses: 1) losing his wife, Heather, to cancer, 2) his grieving process, and 3) the impact her death has …

350-352: Dance Champion Benji Schwimmer

John Dehlin LGBTQ, Sexuality, Top 10 Exmormon, Top 100, Top 25 LGBT, Top Mormon Faith Crisis Stories 158 Comments

Benji Schwimmer is a world renowned dancer and choreographer. He is best known for winning Season 2 of the hit tv show So You Think You Can Dance. In this 3-part interview, Benji discusses the following: Part 1: His early years, and his LDS mission experience, Part 2: His experiences on So You Think You Can Dance, and Part 3: His attempts to come to terms with his sexuality and his LDS faith.