745: The OSF Celebrates and Reviews 2016

John Dehlin Open Stories Foundation 6 Comments

In this episode John Dehlin (OSF Chief Executive Officer, OSF Board Member) and Craig Woodfield (Board Member and OSF Finance Committee Chair) review the successes and accomplishments of the Open Stories …

642: John Dehlin “Ask Me Almost Anything” on Facebook Live!

John Dehlin Open Stories Foundation, Top 13 John Dehlin 14 Comments

John Dehlin answers listener questions via Facebook Live!  This episode was recorded July 20th, 2016.

355: What Mormon Stories is Trying to Do, and How to Keep it Alive

John Dehlin Best of Mormon Stories, Open Stories Foundation 5 Comments

In this presentation we try to cover the following: 1) what are Mormon Stories and the Open Stories Foundation trying to do? and 2) what can be done to keep …

298: We Really Need Your Support

John Dehlin Open Stories Foundation 57 Comments

Mormon Stories Listeners / Community Members – This is John, and I/we really need your help. Over the past several months, in spite of the quality interviews/presentations we’ve delivered (Terryl …

231: Mormon Stories 2011 and Beyond

John Dehlin Open Stories Foundation 30 Comments

Mormon Stories Listeners, I must begin by thanking all of you for an amazing  2010.   We started this year at episode #112, and after only 12 months are now …