531: John Larsen’s Mormon Expression

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John Larsen is the influential founder and host of Mormon Expression podcast, and of the White Fields Educational Foundation. This is his story.

528: Carson Calderwood – Enduring a Disciplinary Council as a Matter of Conscience

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Carson Calderwood is an LDS dentist and father of four living in Maple Valley, Washington.  He served an LDS mission in Argentina, married his wife, Marisa, in an LDS temple, …

526-527: John Hamer on Community of Christ as a Church Home for Transitioning Mormons

John Dehlin Church History, Ex-Mormon Stories, Faith Promoting Stories, Joseph Smith, Mormon Transitions, Progressive Mormonism 23 Comments

Mormon Stories alumnus John Hamer returns to talk about Community of Christ as a viable spiritual home for transitioning Mormons in this two-part video series.  John Hamer was raised LDS, …

507: Free BYU — Religious Freedom and Faith Transition at Church Schools

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has long affirmed the importance of religious freedom, even issuing a press release in 2013 declaring that “it is the right to …