751: Reflections of a Mormon/Post-Mormon Activist: Looking Back and Forward

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This episode is a recording of Dr. John Dehlin’s goodbye presentation to Cache Valley Oasis – a secular support community formed in Fall of 2015 in Logan, Utah. In his …

750: Creating a Family Culture

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In this episode of Mormon Stories, Margi and John share and discuss their ideas in creating a family culture.  Margi uses the metaphor of a “tower” with 5 building blocks …

744: “Broken Open” by Margi Dehlin

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In this episode Margi Dehlin shares an essay she recently wrote dealing with heartbreak, resilience, and intimacy entitled “Broken Open.” The text of the poem is available below.     Broken …

723-726: Noah Rasheta’s Mormon Transition

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In this episode of Mormon Stories, we interview Noah Rasheta — the Executive Director of the Foundation for Mindful Living and host of the Secular Buddhism podcast.  This meaningful and …

707-708: Death, Loss, and Grief

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In this two-part series, we discuss death, loss, and grief. Co-hosts are John and Margi Dehlin.  Today’s Panelists: Emily Celis and Aimee Heffernan.                 Part 1: Part …

701-704: Kim Sandberg Turner, Founder of WOCA – Navigating a Mormon faith transition as a grandparent

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Kim Sandberg Turner is the founder of Women of a Certain Age (WOCA) – a network of support communities for 40+ post-Mormon women.  In this four part episode, Kim discusses: Part …

691-692: Noah Rasheta, Founder of SecularBuddhism.com

John Dehlin Best of Mormon Stories, Mental Health, Mormon Transitions, Progressive Mormonism, Top 100 18 Comments

Noah Rasheta is the CEO of iStabilizer, and the founder of Secular Buddhism podcast. Noah was raised in the LDS church with a U.S.-born father and a Mexican-born mother – living …

688: How to Communicate with Orthodox Mormons

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n this episode of Mormon Transitions podcast, we discuss tips on communicating with orthodox/believing Mormons.  Co-hosts are John and Margi Dehlin.  Panelists include Amy Grubbs, Shandi Hill, Brynne and Jared …

687: Introduction of Mormon Transitions Live!

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An introduction to Mormon Transitions Live! podcast, hosted by John and Margi Dehlin.  Panelists on today’s episode include Amy Grubbs, Shandi Hill, Marco Perez and Dan Wotherspoon.

662: Elna Baker’s Mormon Transition

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Elna Baker is the author of the highly acclaimed The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance: A Memoir.  She is also a contributor to the podcast This American Life. …

658-660: Dr. Greg Prince – The Life of a Faithful Mormon Scientist and Historian

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Dr. Greg Prince is best known within Mormonism as the author of three books: – Power from on High: The Development of Mormon Priesthood – David O. McKay and the …

650-652: One Ordinary Family’s Extraordinary Mormon Transition

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In this epic, three-part interview with Paul, Lisa, and Kyle, we learn about one ordinary Mormon family’s extraordinary Mormon transition. Topics covered in this episode include: Living as an orthodox …

631-633: Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees

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Tyler Glenn is best known as the lead singer of the multi-platinum alternative pop band Neon Trees. Tyler was raised LDS/Mormon in Temecula, California.  After discovering a love for music in …

594-595: Alison Udall and Mormon Spectrum

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Alison Udall is the co-founder and main force behind Mormon Spectrum – a web site dedicated to supporting Mormons across the belief spectrum with content and community.  Since the release …

581-582: Steve and Chris Holbrook on Discovering and Growing Healthy Post-Mormon Communities

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In this two-part episode, Steve and Chris Holbrook discuss the following: Part 1: Their early years in the LDS church, their disaffection from the church, and the factors that led …

575: What I’ve Learned from 15+ Years of Mormon Transitioning (UVU August 2015 Presentation)

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A presentation entitled “What I’ve Learned after 15 Years of Mormon Transitioning” delivered by Dr. John Dehlin at Utah Valley University on August 18, 2015.  Sponsored by the Utah Valley …

572: Announcing the Mormon Transitions Project

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A first draft of the vision/strategy for the new “Mormon Transitions” initiative can be found below. Also, for those interested, we will be holding our first Mormon Transitions retreat October …

569-570: Dan Wotherspoon Interviews John Dehlin About His Evolving Perspectives on Mormonism

John Dehlin Excommunication, Faith Promoting Stories, Mormon Transitions, Top 13 John Dehlin 80 Comments

In this two-part episode John Dehlin is interviewed by Dan Wotherspoon (of Mormon Matters podcast) about John’s evolving perspectives on Mormonism, post-Mormonism, and about his upcoming “Mormon Transitions” project.

566: Psychologist Dr. Scott Miller on Missions, Mormon Transitions, and Thriving After Mormonism

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In this episode we interview Dr. Scott Miller.  Aside from being a world-renowned psychologist, Scott recently penned a fabulous book about his mission experience to Sweden in the 1970s.  The …