Bonus: BYU Accreditation Meeting with Students (April 2015)

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On April 15th, 2015 six board members from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities met with over 100 current and former Brigham Young University students to get the most authentic feedback …

442: Ordain Women General Conference Priesthood Event Pt. 1 – The Participants

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In part 1 of a three-part series, we discuss the Ordain Women-planned event on 10/5/2013 to attend the LDS general conference priesthood session.  Participants include Heather Olson Beal, Ann Marie Whittaker, Tinesha …

441: Pope Francis, the September Six – 20 Years On, and Elder Christofferson’s Joseph Smith

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On today’s episode of the “Mormon News Review,” we discuss: Pope Francis’ recent interview in “America: The National Catholic Review” — and possible implications for the LDS church. Two articles written …

400: Top 5 Myths and Truths about Why Committed Mormons Leave the Church

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I created this video/presentation for two reasons: To dispel any misunderstandings about why people leave the church (and what happens to them when they do). I’ve been wanting to update …

387: McKay Coppins – A Mormon Reporter on the Romney Bus

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In this episode of Mormon Stories we interview journalist McKay Coppins. McKay is a graduate of Brigham Young University and a journalist for BuzzFeed.  During the 2011-2012 U.S. presidential campaign, McKay …

381-382: 2012 New York City Conference Pts. 3 & 4 – Political Panel and Story Sharing

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2012 New York City Conference Mormon Stories Pts. 3 & 4 – Political Panel and Story Sharing.

380: 2012 New York City Conference Pt. 2 with Elna Baker

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Elna Baker speaks at the 2012 Mormon Stories conference in New York City.

252: 2011 New York City Mormon Stories Retreat – Kickoff

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On March 26, 2011 we held our first Mormon Stories regional retreat/conference in New York City.  The purpose of the event was to explore the possibility of creating regional communities …