865-866: Q&A with Tova Mirvis – Author of “The Book of Separation”

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We are proud to release our live interview held on February 6, 2018 at the Salt Lake City Community of Christ with Tova Mirvis—a past guest on Mormon Stories.  For this interview, we relied on the excellent questions from our live audience to drive the conversation.  We explore so many of the parallels between the faith transition experiences in Orthodox Judaism and Mormonism, and talk some more about her writing The Book of Separation and how it has touched many of our listeners since tuning into her Mormon Stories episode.  While in Salt Lake City, Tova provided more context to her book when she appeared on KUER’s RadioWest that same day—an interview that may be found here.

862-864: Christianity After Mormonism: South Mountain Community Church

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The South Mountain Community Church has become home for many former Mormons—which make up nearly half of the congregation. As strange as it may sound to some, the church also …

818-820: Tova Mirvis – Losing Faith and Mixed Faith Marriage as an Orthodox Jew

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In this very special edition of Mormon Stories Podcast, we interview Tova Mirvis, author of The Book of Separation: A Memoir—a powerfully relevant memoir about Tova’s loss of faith as …

675-677: Vance Allred – Son of Assassinated AUB Polygamist Prophet Rulon Allred

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Rulon Clark Allred (March 29, 1906 – May 10, 1977) was a homeopath and chiropractor in Salt Lake City and the founder/leader of what is now the Apostolic United Brethren, a breakaway sect of polygamous Mormon fundamentalists in Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Arizona, United …