Below is a request from a listener.  Please consider filling out the survey.


Hello John,

I am a social psychologist and would like to invite your readers/listeners to participate in an online survey I am conducting. The survey concerns people’s attitudes toward polygamy in general, and LDS history regarding polygamy. As I have observed many wards over the years, I have been struck at the very different views that LDS members
have toward polygamy. Likewise, there is quite a range of opinions outside the LDS church. My goal through this survey to improve our understanding of the factors behind those opinions.

My university has approved of the survey and I hope now to obtain responses from many people, LDS and others.  The gateway to the survey is at:

I am a former president of the Mormon Social Science Association, a sometimes columnist at Sunstone, and have a longstanding interest in psychology and religion. My webpage on the subject is at:

I welcome any suggestions you might have on how (or even whether) to invite your readers to participate in the survey. Thanks for considering this request.

Regardless of whether you think that this is suitable for your blog, thanks for your interesting podcasts. They actually make me wish I had a long commute to work so that I could hear them in one sitting!

Best wishes,
Michael Nielsen