As we begin a new chapter in Sunstone’s evolution, we are looking to gather together a team of international supporters who not only share our vision (discussed below), but are willing to “put their shoulders to the wheel” (so to speak) to make it a reality.

If any of you are interested in joining us at the ground floor, please subscribe to our “Friends of Sunstone” mailing list today. As it currently stands, this email list will serve as a newsletter, where we will: 1) notify subscribers of new events, projects, ideas and initiatives, 2) solicit feedback, and 3) send out occasional requests for help or support. We may ask for your help in writing an article, finding a good person to interview for a particular story — or we may want to let you know of an upcoming event, opportunity, or project. I should also note that responses to this email list will go directly to me, so you will not be spammed by replies to this list. Also, your email will be kept private from everyone but myself.

Finally, for those unsure or even fearful of Sunstone’s goals/vision/reputation, here is some text that we (as a leadership team) have put together to keep us on the “straight and narrow”:

Sunstone Motto: Faith Seeking Understanding

Vision Statement: Sunstone is an independent forum for open, thoughtful, and constructive discussion of all things Mormon.

Vision Pillars: Our 4 primary goals at Sunstone over the next 5 years are to:

  • Enhance our position as a primary source for Mormon-related current events, contemporary issues, scholarship, and art.
  • Bring Mormon Studies to mainstream Latter-Day Saints in fun, interesting and accessible ways.
  • Remain a gathering place and information hub for the Mormon Studies community.
  • Become more of a resource for Latter-day Saints seeking additional support in their faith journey.

If any of you would like to join us in this new push to further enhance Sunstone’s position as a place that celebrates Mormonism, and provides independent and constructive forums for open discussion and support for Mormon spiritual development, please do join us. We’d love your support, and feel certain that this will be a very enjoyable ride.

P.S. If you’re not currently a magazine subscriber, that’s not a terrible place to start. ;)