For Those Who Wonder BookToday I am very proud to announce another new entry to the bloggernacle: FTWW is based on a book written by D. Jeff Burton by the same name. This book is downloadable for free on Jeff’s new web site.

Jeff lives in Salt Lake City, is actively fulfilling a service mission for the church, and sits on the Sunstone board (what a combination, eh?!?!?!). But most importantly, Jeff has dedicated a good portion of his life towards helping LDS folk who stumble upon a crisis of faith figure out a way to STAY IN the church (if it is their desire to do so). Jeff also publishes a regular column in Sunstone called “Borderlands” where he counsels people in this predicament. The first issue of his series can be found here.

Please, please, please give the article or book a read, and then go up to Jeff’s blog and let him know what you think, and give him a healthy welcome to the Bloggernacle!!!!!