Understanding Mormonism – My Mormon Witness

Are you trying to figure out “the truth” about Mormonism?

My name is John Dehlin.  I have a Ph.D. in Clinical/Counseling Psychology.  I host the world’s longest running and most successful Mormon-themed podcast.  And I have spent almost 30 years deeply studying Mormonism, giving voice to other people’s Mormon stories, and soliciting their wisdom and insight.

What I have NOT yet done is actually share my own story and conclusions regarding Mormonism.

The two main purposes of this particular project are:

  • To provide those who are sincerely trying to understand Mormonism (either questioning Mormons or non-Mormons) with the high-level information that they need to make informed conclusions about the “truthfulness” and “healthiness” of the Mormon church.
  • To provide the world with my own Mormon Witness or “Testimony” as to the truth about the church that I have literally given most of my life to.

I hope you enjoy/value what I write here.

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