We are incredibly excited to announce two upcoming Sunstone Symposiums:

  • Sunstone Seattle on 10/13/2007 (with a workshop on the night of 10/12/2007): Details here. Registration should be available in the next few days.
  • Sunstone Boston on 11/3/2007: Please mark your calendars. We are working on the program and venue now. We are hoping to draw from speakers in the Northeast, so if you have ideas for speakers or topics, please advise. Also, if you think there’s a good chance that you will be coming, please let us know either in email, or on the blog — so that we can arrange the appropriate venue to match the audience size.

Finally, we’d be thrilled to help plan/facilitate a “Bloggersnacker” in either of these areas if anyone is interested (one may already be in the works in Seattle — I’m checking on that). In Boston, the Friday night before or the Saturday evening after might be candidates for gettogethers. We’re also interested in some type of Sunday morning devotional in either city if there’s interest/demand.

More soon!!!! Please let us know if you are interested.
John Dehlin