Today, 2 listeners independently suggested to me that I allow for donations on the site to help support the Mormon Stories podcast.

Many of you may know that last month I had to take down the MP3s for about 4 or 5 days because I was set to exceed my bandwidth allotment for the month by my ISP. I have another podcast ready to post, but I’m already set to exceed the bandwidth for February based on current downloads. Ugh! We’re getting over 500 downloads per episode now, and it continues to grow (a good problem, I guess).

Anyway, several people have offered to make small donations ($5….$10) to help me raise the money I need to purchase more bandwidth, and cover other expenses like podcasting equipment, etc. If any of you feel so inclined, please feel free to click the Paypal “Make a Donation” button at the top right of this blog. I will be completely transparent about the donations (unless you request anonymity), and log each one, along with what I spent the money on if you desire me to do so. I’m not in this to make $$$, but it would be nice to cover some expenses.

And if you’re not so inclined…no worries at all!
Thanks again for listening, and for your support.

John Dehlin