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Minimum Requirements to Listen

  • A computer (you should be in good shape here). 🙂
  • A broadband internet connection (to download the MP3 files).
  • Either speakers or headphones (to listen to the podcast).
  • Some type of audio player on your computer–either iTunes or Windows Media Player.

The best way to listen to these podcasts is to subscribe to within iTunes (this will automatically download the latest podcast episodes to your computer, and iPod, if you have one):

  • Make sure the most recent version of iTunes is installed (12.7 at the time of writing these instructions)
  • Click here to subscribe to Mormon Stories Podcast from within iTunes
  • Click on the subscribe button from within iTunes on the Mormon Stories page.

To listen to Mormon Stories podcasts directly from your computer:

  • Click here, and then click on the link to the episode you want to play.

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All are welcome to email John directly at mormonstories@gmail.com. He will do his best to answer.

Much Love,

The Mormon Stories Team