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2602, 2021

1401: Mike Rinder – Former Top-Level Scientology Official

By |February 26, 2021|Categories: , |Tags: , |2 Comments   Join us today on Mormon Stories Podcast as we interview Mike Rinder - former top-level Scientology Executive. Mike was raised a Scientologist, knew L. Ron Hubbard personally, and became David Miscavige's "right hand man" as he [...]

2402, 2021

Scientology vs. Mormonism – Which Church Does More Harm Overall? (Please help me prepare for Mike Rinder interview)

By |February 24, 2021|Categories: , |Tags: , |11 Comments Hey Mormon Stories Listeners - I need your help!!!! This Friday (9am mountain time) I will be interviewing Mike Rinder - a former high-level leader of the Church of Scientology. I only have an hour with Mike, so [...]

1502, 2023

On Attempts to Smear (i.e. Being “Fair Gamed”)

By |February 15, 2023|Categories: |Tags: |35 Comments

Friends, In our role of challenging the Mormon church to do/be better, and in supporting transitioning Mormons, Mormon Stories and the OSF regularly experience two types of detractors: Believing Mormons and apologists who attack us because we sometimes criticize [...]

2811, 2022

1698-1699: Losing Faith as a BYU Professor – Louisa Killian

By |November 28, 2022|Categories: , , , , |Tags: , , , , |2 Comments

After her marriage to a "worthy" priesthood-holding Returned Missionary goes south when her husband is arrested for fraud, Louisa Killian finds love & equality in a relationship outside of the Church and a fulfilling career teaching dance at BYU. But when it's time to renew her Temple Recommend to keep her ecclesiastical endorsement (a requirement for employment at the Church school), Louisa finds that honesty has severe consequences.

2806, 2021

1443-1447: Recovering Agency – Examining Mormon Mind Control w/ Luna Lindsey Corbden

By |June 28, 2021|Categories: , , , , |Tags: , , , , |8 Comments John Dehlin interviews Luna Lindsey Corbden, author of Recovering Agency: Lifting the Veil of Mormon Mind Control, which employs the tools of social psychology to identify ways in which the Mormon Church uses coercive [...]

2004, 2021

When Cults Smear – Being “Fair Gamed” by the Mormon Church

By |April 20, 2021|Categories: , , , , , |Tags: , , , , , |15 Comments   Today a dream came true: My interview with Leah Remini and Mike Rinder - two personal heroes of mine - was released on Scientology: Fair Game Podcast. I have four very important things to say as I [...]

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