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  1. Thank you Jon for a very good interview with sam and l wish sam all the very best for his petition and ongoing fight for helping the young people in the lds church and l really hope that he can make a really positive difference and help more change come about. l have signed the petition and will think of you sam and everyone involved as you go on the march in march, for future to change to interviews in bishops offices, for the young people of the lds church all the very best to you sam and may you win through as it is such a worthwhile so important a cause, bless you in all your endevours.

  2. Bishops LOVE asking women and girls, especially the sexy ones, “Do you masturbate? How do you do that?” They won’t give that up easily.

  3. It is way simpler to just realize and accept that the church is just an organization made by a man based on books made by men! Sam is doing good work, but at the same time, he is determined to hold onto his testimony. Interesting and complex way to deal with reality!

  4. This is not going to die with the Mormon church very easily. You have to realize the foundation and reason “WHY” the church does what it does. It is all about CONTROL, over others, period! They love the control and the ego boost, why else would they fight this, b/c every good reason in the world is for the church to get rid of this practice. Another reason, if they admit they were wrong . . . . . there goes the “truthfulness” “inspired” “representative of Christ” “true church” facade they are trying to maintain. It is a falling house of cards.

  5. I have to disagree that Sam Young’s excommunication could push his agenda. While it could cause it to get more exposure in the media, I think it would guarantee almost no chance that he would reach his goal. I think we all know that since the church is seeing this as an offense, they are not going to change the way they are doing things – at least not right now.

    An excommunication would negatively stigmatize parents who take a stand against these private meetings and insist that they or another adult be present. It would negatively stigmatize the children, among their peers, who would not be able to be baptized or progress in the priesthood or go on temple trips with their fellow youth. It would possibly come to the point where active, believing members, would have to choose between risking their children’s safety and no longer attending church. I propose the idea that even as an active, mostly-believing member, I believe that my #1 priority in the eyes of God is to protect my kids. I can tell you that I will choose my children over the institutional church and we would just continue to worship the Lord in our own way.

    My parents allowed me to have these interviews but by the time my younger siblings were in YM/YW, they did not allow them. I had always planned to follow in their footsteps with my own kids. Now I feel like if I do this, I am going to be black-listed and if Sam is excommunicated, I’m probably going to be seen as an apostate. This is not fair. These are MY kids; they do not belong to the church.

    As an active, mostly-believing member, I cannot believe that my church is opposed to protecting kids. It’s like I grew up one day and everything that I thought we were flipped upside down. We have to do better than this. This is not asking for a change in doctrine. Why the hell can’t we include a second adult in the room. Can we at least get an answer to this question? Am I dreaming, here???

  6. I would take exception to Sam saying that the Mormon church is the only institution in America that has this type of thing going on. In Catholicism, members are encouraged to confess to a priest each time they masturbate, as it is a mortal sin. Here’s a small example of a 13 year old boy admitting to masturbation and the random answers he received…………https://forums.catholic.com/t/is-masturbation-acceptable-for-a-catholic-teen-help/411143/21. As a final example, I have a good Protestant friend who applied for a job as a Youth Pastor for his local church. It paid about $30,000 plus benefits as an fyi. He told me he felt he didn’t get the job because when asked about how he would handle questions about sex before marriage, his answer was to advise them to masturbate. The church deeply frowned on this.

    I realize this a Mormon centric podcast but context is important.

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  7. Here is a really crazy idea. Maybe Sam could request that each of the 15,000 who signed the petition send their bishop an anonymous letter that they were ready to sue the church the very next time their child is interviewed in private. If 15,000 bishops got such a letter, there might be more of an impact than just a signature on a petition that most bishops won’t even hear about. There has got to be better strategies, more forceful strategies to get the church to make needed changes. Let’s help Sam brainstorm.

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