641: Grieving Together: Processing the Recent (and Continual) Loss of Black Lives in America


In this episode we invite Psychology Ph.D. candidate Mica McGriggs, Dr. Darron Smith, and Dr. Fatimah Salleh to discuss the recent (and continual) loss of black lives in America due to police action. Note: Given the sensitivity of this particular issue,…

640: Staying Active in the LDS Church as an Unorthodox Member


In this episode Gina Colvin, Ph.D., Dan Wotherspoon, Ph.D., and Thomas McConkie explore the path of staying active in the LDS Church as an unorthodox member.  This episode was recorded live at Studio at 50 West in Salt Lake City on…

Summer 2016 Mormon Transitions Events: Salt Lake City/Park City, Dallas, Los Angeles/Las Vegas


We will be holding several workshops/retreats this summer focusing on supporting people in a Mormon Transition.  Locations/dates are as follows: July 15-17: Salt Lake City/Park City, Utah July 21-22: Dallas, Texas August 25-26: Las Vegas or Los Angeles, depending on…

638-639: Dr. Thomas Murphy on the Book of Mormon, DNA, His Cancelled Disciplinary Council, and Native American Anthropology


In 2002 anthropologist Thomas Murphy, Ph.D. published the first peer reviewed academic journal article on DNA and the Book of Mormon, demonstrating that DNA evidence (at the time) did not support the Book of Mormon’s historical claims.  Dr. Murphy was…

BONUS: Reply All Podcast Episode #55 – “The Line”


Episode #55 of “The Line” Podcast February 18, 2016 “I was so thirsty and hungry after the truth, my whole body aching for answers.” Hans Mattsson, LDS Church leader 2000-05 This week we have a story about a big group…

637: The Mama Dragons and the Mama Dragon Story Project


The Mama Dragons group consists of almost 1,000 Mormon, post-Mormon, and now never-Mormon women who are dedicated to: Loving their LGBT children. Preventing LGBT youth suicide. Supporting parents of LGBT children to better love and support their children. Rescuing rejected…

636: Rape in Mormon Culture


In this episode Dr. John Dehlin and Lindsay Hansen Park (Feminist Mormon Housewives, Sunstone, Year of Polygamy, Color of Heaven) host a panel discussion about rape within Mormon culture.  The panel features Aubri Parameter, an assault survivor, Kathryn Jones-Porter, a…

635: Mormons Respond to Tyler Glenn’s Controversial “Trash” Music Video


In this episode five Mormons (Dr. Jana Riess, Samy Galvez, Dr. Kristy Money, Derrick Clements, and Samantha Louise Shelley) discuss, explore, and interpret Tyler Glenn’s new and controversial music video entitled “Trash.” Trash Lyrics.     Trash Video:

634: Clay Christensen Threatened with Excommunication for his Podcast Interview


In December, 2015 Mormon Stories Podcast interviewed Clay Christensen and his brother-in-law Matt Elggren about Matt’s loss of LDS faith in 2003, and Clay’s subsequent loss of faith in October, 2015 after 50 years active LDS membership, and after 7…

631-633: Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees


Tyler Glenn is best known as the lead singer of the multi-platinum alternative pop band Neon Trees. Tyler was raised LDS/Mormon in Temecula, California.  After discovering a love for music in high school and serving an LDS mission, Tyler moved to…