635: Mormons Respond to Tyler Glenn’s Controversial “Trash” Music Video


In this episode five Mormons (Dr. Jana Riess, Samy Galvez, Dr. Kristy Money, Derrick Clements, and Samantha Louise Shelley) discuss, explore, and interpret Tyler Glenn’s new and controversial music video entitled “Trash.” Trash Lyrics.     Trash Video:

634: Clay Christensen Threatened with Excommunication for his Podcast Interview


In December, 2015 Mormon Stories Podcast interviewed Clay Christensen and his brother-in-law Matt Elggren about Matt’s loss of LDS faith in 2003, and Clay’s subsequent loss of faith in October, 2015 after 50 years active LDS membership, and after 7…

631-633: Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees


Tyler Glenn is best known as the lead singer of the multi-platinum alternative pop band Neon Trees. Tyler was raised LDS/Mormon in Temecula, California.  After discovering a love for music in high school and serving an LDS mission, Tyler moved to…

630: Black Mormon Lives Matter


John Dehlin and Lindsay Hansen Park interview Mica McGriggs, Samy Galvez, and Tinesha Zandamela about race relations in the Mormon church, and their experiences growing up as people of color in a predominately white church.          …

629: Mormons and Colonization with Edyka Chilome


In this special episode of Mormon Stories podcast Lindsay Hansen Park (Sunstone, Year of Polygamy, Color of Heaven) interviews Edyka Chilome about Mormons and Colonization. Edyka’s bio: Edyka Chilomé, born Erica Granados – De La Rosa, is a queer woman of…

627-628: Black Athletes at BYU with Darron Smith, Ph.D.


When Race, Religion, and Sport Collide tells the story of Brandon Davies’ dismissal from Brigham Young University’s NCAA playoff basketball team to illustrate the thorny intersection of religion, race, and sport at BYU and beyond. Author Darron T. Smith analyzes…

625-626: Surviving Reparative Therapy with Alex Cooper, “Saving Alex” Author


This is a recording of my interview with Alex Cooper recorded on March 16, 2016 at Velour in Provo, Utah.  Alex Cooper, along with Dr. Joanna Brooks, are the co-authors of the new book Saving Alex.  Alex was accompanied in…

624: Kate Kelly on Life After Excommunication, Safe Sex, and Women’s Reproductive Rights


In this Mormon Stories Live! episode recorded at Club/Cafe at 50 West on March 9, 2016, I interviewed Kate Kelly about the following: Life since her excommunication, including her divorce from Neil Ransom and her new relationship with Jack Waters.…

623: Elizabeth Grimshaw – Facing LDS Excommunication for being Same-Sex Married


Elizabeth Grimshaw was raised Mormon. She knew she was lesbian as a teenager, but spent her early years (teens and 20s) attempting to date men and to marry a man. In her early 30s, after many failed attempts to be…

622: Exploring Utah Medical Marijuana Legislation – The Patient Perspective


In this episode recorded February 17, 2016 we discuss the recent Utah Medical Marijuana legislation from the patient perspective.  This is a sobering, heartfelt, and extremely compelling panel. We also briefly discuss the medical/scientific justifications for medical marijuana, and LDS…