647: Missionaries Pt. 5: Rose Sorenson – Becoming an Atheist as a Missionary


Rose Sorenson was raised in a devout LDS household (Idaho Falls, ID), but began having doubts as a 12 year old. Although she continued to struggle with perfectionism and doubts as a teenager, Rose decided that the LDS church’s decision…

646: Missionaries Pt. 4: Tre Shortland – Tormented over “Self Abuse”, Disillusioned by Uninspired Mission Leadership


Tre Shortland was raised in Oakland, CA as a bi-racial Mormon (Filipino mother and New Zealander/Maori father). While he was very committed doctrinally to Mormonism, he was not crazy about Mormon culture, and was taught the fundamentals of critical thinking from…

645: Missionaries Pt. 3: Mike Woodruff – Gay, Abused on Mission, PTSD, Early Return


Mike Woodruff knew that he was attracted to men by age 14. After consulting with his LDS bishop, he was told that his “same-sex attraction” would “resolve itself” once he served an LDS mission. His LDS patriarchal blessing also assured…

644: Mormon Missionary Faith Crises and Early Return Pt. 2: Sage Dalton and Depression, Faith Crisis, Suicidality


Sage Dalton was a graduate of Dartmouth University and a regular listener to Mormon Stories podcast when she decided to serve an LDS mission in 2012. Towards the latter half of her mission Sage began to experience depressive symptoms and…

643: Mormon Missionary Faith Crises and Early Return Pt. 1 – Josh Tesch and Facebook


Joshua Tesch served in the California Roseville Mission from 2013 to 2015.  When the LDS church introduced the use of Facebook and iPads to missionaries, Elder Tesch was asked by his mission president to become one of the “Tech Missionaries” to…

642: John Dehlin “Ask Me Almost Anything” on Facebook Live!


John Dehlin answers listener questions via Facebook Live!  This episode was recorded July 20th, 2016.

BONUS: Elder Steven E. Snow Candidly Explains Why the LDS Gospel Topics Essays Are Not Publicized by the Church


Elder Steven E. Snow candidly explains why the LDS Gospel Topics Essays are not publicized by the LDS Church. (Source here.  Date of recording unknown). “Woven into the story, the history will be some of the issues that sometimes rise associated…

641: Grieving Together: Processing the Recent (and Continual) Loss of Black Lives in America


In this episode we invite Psychology Ph.D. candidate Mica McGriggs, Dr. Darron Smith, and Dr. Fatimah Salleh to discuss the recent (and continual) loss of black lives in America due to police action. Note: Given the sensitivity of this particular issue,…

640: Staying Active in the LDS Church as an Unorthodox Member


In this episode Gina Colvin, Ph.D., Dan Wotherspoon, Ph.D., and Thomas McConkie explore the path of staying active in the LDS Church as an unorthodox member.  This episode was recorded live at Studio at 50 West in Salt Lake City on…