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658-660: Dr. Greg Prince – The Life of a Faithful Mormon Scientist and Historian


Dr. Greg Prince is best known within Mormonism as the author of three books: – Power from on High: The Development of Mormon Priesthood – David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism – Leonard Arrington and the Writing…

BONUS: Reply All Podcast Episode #55 – “The Line”


Episode #55 of “The Line” Podcast February 18, 2016 “I was so thirsty and hungry after the truth, my whole body aching for answers.” Hans Mattsson, LDS Church leader 2000-05 This week we have a story about a big group…

631-633: Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees


Tyler Glenn is best known as the lead singer of the multi-platinum alternative pop band Neon Trees. Tyler was raised LDS/Mormon in Temecula, California.  After discovering a love for music in high school and serving an LDS mission, Tyler moved to…

355: What Mormon Stories is Trying to Do, and How to Keep it Alive

In this presentation we try to cover the following: 1) what are Mormon Stories and the Open Stories Foundation trying to do? and 2) what can be done to keep them both alive.

346-347: Boston 2012 Conference with Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, John Dehlin, Joanna Brooks and Open-Mic Story Sharing


Speakers at the 2012 Boston Regional Mormon Stories conference were asked to address the topic of: Using personal narratives to create spaces where Mormons of all levels of orthodoxy can interact authentically. Part 1: Dr. Laurel Thatcher Ulrich discusses the importance…

343-344: Mormonism and the Internet with John Dehlin, Scott Gordon (FAIR) and Rosemary Avance


As part of the March 2012 “Mormonism and the Internet” conference held at Utah Valley University, John Dehlin, Scott Gordon (of the Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research or FAIR) and Rosemary Avance discuss LDS disaffection and apologetics. John’s “Why…

332: Navigating a Mormon Faith Transition

We are excited to launch the pilot a new podcast and set of resources located at  The purpose of this project is to support LDS church members who are navigating difficult Mormon-related transitions.

In today’s episode, Joanna Brooks and Brian Johnston join John Dehlin to provide an overview of navigating a Mormon faith transition.

327: Having the Difficult Conversations about Mormonism with Family, Friends and Community Members


This episode was recorded as part of the January 2012 Mormon Stories regional conference held in Houston, Texas dedicated to the topic of “Maintaining Positive Relationships Through Empathy and Dialogue.” In part 1 John Dehlin talks about the costs and benefits of having difficult conversations about Mormonism with family and friends. In part 2, Dan Wotherspoon delivers a presentation called: “Make Love AND War!: Maintaining Positive Relationships During Faith Transitions—A Spiritual Framing.”

320: Changing Demographics in the Worldwide LDS Church with Matt Martinich of the Cumorah Foundation


In this episode Scott H. interviews Matt Martinich of the Cumorah Foundation. Matt takes us on a tour of the triumphs and challenges of Mormonism throughout the world. Matt’s blog can be found at: LDS Church Growth.

319: Changing Mormon Demographics in the U.S. with Dr. Ryan Cragun


In this episode Scott H. and I interview sociologist Dr. Ryan Cragun about his newly published report called, “Mormons in the United States 1990-2008: Socio-demographic Trends and Regional Differences.” Some of the findings of the report include: Mormons were 1.4% of…

317-318: BYU Professor Charles Harrell and the Evolution of Mormon Doctrine

In this episode, BYU Professor Charles Harrell discusses his new book entitled: “This Is My Doctrine: The Development of Mormon Theology.”  Please remember that you can purchase this book at a discount using the code: MSTORIES.  Proceeds will go to…

305-306: Flunking Sainthood with Jana Riess


Today we spend two good hours with author and scholar Jana Reiss.  Jana is the author/editor of nine books, including: Mormonism for Dummies and What Would Buffy Do?  Jana is a convert to the LDS Church, and also has a…

295: Greg Prince on “Big Tent Mormonism”


On October 15th, the 2011 Washington D.C. Mormon Stories Conference was held in the home of Greg and JaLynn Prince.  Eighty splendid community members were in attendance.  In this presentation, Greg Prince discussed his perspectives on “Big Tent Mormonism.”

289-293: Terryl Givens — An Approach to Thoughtful, Honest and Faithful Mormonism


Terryl Givens did graduate work at Cornell University in Intellectual History and UNC Chapel Hill where he received his PhD in Comparative Literature. He holds the James A. Bostwick chair of English, and is Professor of Literature and Religion at…

281-284: Eugene England’s Life and Legacy

Eugene England (1933–2001) (his website can be found here) was one of the founders and great leaders in Mormon Studies and independent Mormon discussions. He and four others founded Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, for which he served as…

271-274: LDS Apologist – Dr. Daniel C. Peterson


Daniel C. Peterson is a professor of Islamic Studies and Arabic in the Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages at Brigham Young University and currently serves as editor-in-chief of BYU’s Middle Eastern Texts Initiative. He is a member of…

255: Greg Prince on 21st Century Lessons from Three 20th Century Men: David O. McKay, Leonard Arrington and Paul H. Dunn

As a part of the March 2011 Mormon Stories Conference in New York City, author Greg Prince  spoke on the topic of 21st Century Lessons from Three 20th Century Men: David O. McKay, Leonard Arrington and Paul H. Dunn. Greg Prince…

250-251: Grant & Heather Hardy – Book of Mormon Scholarship

In this 2-part discussion, KC Kern (BookofMormonOnline.Net) speaks with Dr. Grant Hardy and his wife Heather Hardy.  Grant Hardy is Professor of History and Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. He has a B.A. in Ancient Greek…

246-249: A Mormon’s Spiritual Transformation through Meditation & the Hindu Yogic Tradition

In this episode Andrew Ainsworth interviews Phil McLemore to discuss his own spiritual transformation through meditation & the Hindu yogic tradition. Part 1: Phil McLemore’s conversion to Mormonism & spiritual transformation through meditation Part 2: How to meditate and why…

239-243: Jared Anderson – An Academic Introduction to the New Testament


In this 5-part series, Brian Johnston ( interviews Jared Anderson.  Jared is finishing his Ph.D. in Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, focusing on the Gospels and New Testament. Jared received an Honors Bachelor of…