Podcasts and Blogs

Depression and Anxiety



A deeply funny, often intimate, and surprisingly moving podcast about the things that make us cry.

The Dark Place

In “The Dark Place,” host Joel Kutz talks to everyday people and shares their stories about depression, anxiety, trauma and mental illness.

Talking in Circles

A podcast that focuses on resources for mothers with depression and anxiety

The Hilarious World of Depression

A show that drags depression out into the sunlight, talks openly and honestly about it, and has a little fun

The Struggle Bus

Offers candid advice to listener-submitted questions about family, friends, work, mental health and literally everything else. No topic is off-limits.


A Splintered Mind

Blogger Douglas Cootey blogs his personal takes on coping with depression, with a dash of humor thrown in.

My Postpartum Voice

Lauren Hale has been blogging about postpartum depression since 2007. Informed by her experiences with postpartum OCD, depression, and PTSD during and after her three pregnancies, Lauren’s blog acts as a space to share stories and build a community.

Depression Marathon

Living with depression for 16 years, runner Etta speaks to the impact of depression on running and work, and often addresses the intersection between depression, addiction, and sobriety.


Managed by Bill White, Chipur covers depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Bill is a mental health professional who also lives with his own mood and anxiety disorders, so his posts are informed by both professional and personal experience.

Wing of Madness

Started in 1995, Wing of Madness is one of the longest-running depression blogs on the web. Maintained by webmaster Deborah, the blog is a deep, rich archive of information and personal accounts on living with major depression.



The Overwhelmed Brain

The podcast mainly focus on how one can work through negative thought cycles and clear self doubts to create a stress free and happy life.

Pathway To Happiness

Podcaster Gary van Warmerdam gives countless examples from his own personal life and lives of others to illustrate how the mind works and how one can move towards eliminating limiting beliefs.

The John Cordray Show

John is a professional counselor whose podcasts focus on helping his listeners become calmer people by offering countless tips that will help people effectively deal with stress, anxiety, depression, fear and insecurities.

Operation Self Reset Podcast

Operation Self Reset as the name implies, is a podcast dedicated to helping you make massive positive transformations in your life.

10% Happier with Dan Harris

A podcast dedicated to learning how to tame the voice in your head


Transcendental Meditation Blog

Transcendental meditation is a type of meditation and evidence has shown TM to help anxiety, depression, brain function, and heart health. This blog focuses exclusively on this type of meditation. Posts explain what it is and how it can help different mental and physical health issues.

Zen Habits

Zen Habits blog keeps things simple and clear. Posts address a variety of topics, like how to reduce procrastination and tips to develop new thinking patterns and skills.