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1763: Patriarchal Blessings w/ LDS Discussions Ep 402023-05-19T08:33:04-06:00
1758: The Problems with Mormon Personal Revelation w/ LDS Discussions Ep 392023-05-17T09:28:39-06:00
1749: Problematic Mormon Revelations after Joseph Smith w/ LDS Discussions Ep 382023-04-18T23:13:22-06:00
1701: Book of Abraham Pt. 1, Joseph Smith’s Translation w/ LDS Discussions – 302022-12-14T23:45:46-07:00
1697: Thriving in Love after Mormonism – Gary & Ernie2022-12-26T06:49:10-07:00
1682: Joseph Smith’s Plural Marriage Proposals Pt 2 w/ LDS Discussions – 272023-01-01T21:23:49-07:00
1679: Joseph Smith’s Plural Marriage Proposals Pt 1 w/ LDS Discussions – 262023-01-01T21:05:13-07:00
1676: D&C 132 – Joseph Smith’s Polygamy “Revelation” w/ LDS Discussions – 252023-01-01T20:47:34-07:00
1673: An Introduction to Mormon Polygamy w/ LDS Discussions – 242023-01-01T20:22:54-07:00
1669: LDS Temple Endowment & Masonry w/ LDS Discussions – 232023-01-01T18:15:30-07:00
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