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  1. This is all very exciting.

    Thrive is an incredible idea, and all those involved, especially the Martins, just know you are appreciated!!!

    On a separate but related note, speaking as someone who comes here mostly for the individual and family faith transition stories, it looks like there are a lot of stories yet to be told among these Thrive Unite hosts and people they talked about. I hope to see more of that type of content soon!

    Thanks John, thanks all.

  2. Hello! I am wanting to understand what the thrive event is. I am new to this community and hope it will be a good fit fit me and my family. Will the thrive event be done through zoom? I don’t see times listed for that day, 1/22/2022. Do we listen to the content when I have time, or is it a live event?

  3. Going to THRIVE Sacramento. I hope I see some Nor Cal people up here representing . I have a few goals in mind:
    1) Maybe meet lost family who have been in the area since the 1860’s (feels like I am here alone)
    2) Maybe meet lost friends that I did not know about in my community
    3) Have a good time!

    *will be taking the train in and will find my way somehow!

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