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  1. Hi John,
    I would love to participate with your project. I’m sort of liking russell m nelson’s moving away from using the word Mormon, because it creates a space for ethnic/cultural mormons to form an identity apart from the formal institution. In this way I consider myself very mormon but not affiliated with the LDS church. I might not be thriving in the sense of having tons of material prosperity but I feel that I have a much healthier worldview. I would say the most beneficial thing about mormonstories for me is that it made clear there were reliable alternative accounts of church history, that in many cases were more compelling than the official church version. It wasn’t that I accepted every guests views, its that it contradicted the church’s claim there were no other plausible explanations for the churches beginnings. From Here I read authors such as Hitchens and Dawkins, and its not that I accepted everything they said either, its just I began to realize Mormonism was one more example of a very common phenomena. I think a lot of millennials recognize this and have the same feelings, but do not want to give up their mormon identity, hence we see something similar to secular Judaism.

  2. Hi John, I left the church officially in 2015. My road out has been very interesting. I am a lesbian, was married to a man for 10 years (sealed in the temple), had 2 kids, had an affair with/a woman at 29, got ex’d, got rebaptized, had my temple blessings restored, all while being in a celibate relationship with another LDS woman for 9 years. Then, finally had my name removed, decided to finally live life as an out gay person, married a woman, watched from outside as my child got married in the temple, and here I am today. I am now divorced, have no belief at all in the church (or even God really), but, I am more at peace than I have ever been.

  3. My family and I are very interested in divulging everything.
    We are ex Mormons.
    Would love to be a part of this!
    We love your interviews!
    My husband and I are both 51 yrs old.
    5 kids, 5 grandbabies.
    as a family and individually.
    We all grew up in Utah.

    1. I just read the Tribune article, and I want to hear your story, Carol. (PICK HER, JOHN! PICK HER!) I grew up in CA and moved to WA in 2008 at 44 years old, just after being asked to participate in the Prop 8 neighborhood canvassing. Ugh! I came home from the first meeting and told my husband there is no way in this world I would ever participate in something so ridiculous. At that meeting, I had asked my friend, who is an attorney and my former bishop (he was leading our ward’s Prop 8 campaign) what would happen if same-sex marriage passed. He was horrified that I would dare even ask that question, and he said he had been to a regional meeting with general authorities, and they said, “Passage of same-sex marriage would be nigh to Armageddon.” Oh brother! Give me a break! I left the Church in 2015, and if it hadn’t been because I no longer believed the truth claims of the Church, the November ’15 anti-gay policy change would have been the reason. I will definitely be completing the questionnaire and sharing my story.

  4. I would like to participate in your podcast but can I still remain anonymous? I am a supposedly Lamanite Nephite mix or Mexican descendant for short. I have always had trouble understanding the Church”s racism especially against Black people and brown people like myself. I am still a member but having a faith crisis and I am about to resign from the Church before they call me in for that. I have also had some trouble understanding the pride of White people because they think that they are from Ephraim and therefore have the Lord”s birthright Blessing which in turn most brown people with Native North American roots are labeled from Manassa and are not to be as blessed as those from Ephraim. I have had several run in with Bishops as of late that have not been pleasant experiences. I have just all together decided to avoid them and not go to church anymore. My wife wants to be sealed in the Temple and is putting a lot of pressure on me about it but yet refuses to hear my concerns with the Church and it’s doctrine. She takes my two Children to Church religiously and does not want me to talk to them about my concerns in any way or fashion. It is pretty hard to navigate life under these circumstances and would like a little counciling on the best way to completely break off the Church without destroying my marriage.

  5. I have noticed many things on my own over the past many years, and then to hear them described by your guests is so affirming to me. I’m 67 and am semi active. So I of course have to be anonymous. So many things.

    But two I haven’t heard described quite yet.

    *. The church will not allow you to ask about or talk about given things, like the REAL church history without coming after you.
    I’m sorry but the constitution guarantees me free speech. The church throttles free speech.

    *. The church says (has always said) don’t read anti Mormon literature. For one it’s not ‘anti-Mormon literature’. It’s history!!
    They are essentially telling you what you can and can’t read. Censure
    The constitution does not censure.

    I can’t go along with willful ignorance and the churches severely whitewashed rewriting history!!

    *. Then of course, women have no voice.

    It has become more about the Bank of Mormon than the Book of Mormon, a good old boys club. Too much focus on financials. Flash over substance.

    I appreciate your podcast and I feel you deal fairly with everyone. Thank you.

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