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  1. Hi John,
    I would love to participate with your project. I’m sort of liking russell m nelson’s moving away from using the word Mormon, because it creates a space for ethnic/cultural mormons to form an identity apart from the formal institution. In this way I consider myself very mormon but not affiliated with the LDS church. I might not be thriving in the sense of having tons of material prosperity but I feel that I have a much healthier worldview. I would say the most beneficial thing about mormonstories for me is that it made clear there were reliable alternative accounts of church history, that in many cases were more compelling than the official church version. It wasn’t that I accepted every guests views, its that it contradicted the church’s claim there were no other plausible explanations for the churches beginnings. From Here I read authors such as Hitchens and Dawkins, and its not that I accepted everything they said either, its just I began to realize Mormonism was one more example of a very common phenomena. I think a lot of millennials recognize this and have the same feelings, but do not want to give up their mormon identity, hence we see something similar to secular Judaism.

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