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  1. Thank you for tackling this. I wish you all at OSF all the success in the world for the coming years. I have reaped the spiritual benefits of your hard work over time with marginalised and disaffected members of the LDS church.

    A special shoutout to Margi, who has brought heart and strength and intelligence and grace and beauty to the Transitions podcast. ❣️

  2. With 20 years of financial, investment, and accounting experience, I find your approach to transparency professional and refreshing. I enjoyed the financial review.

    Would that the Church would strive for a similar standard. But no, I have no idea where my tithing goes and can’t help but wonder why they won’t release that information. Any damage that might be caused by disclosure is surely less than the damage caused by the perception that maybe there is something to hide, that is, unless there really is something to hide.

  3. I thank you for this informative podcast! It was really interesting to learn about all the work that goes on behind the scenes of this wonderful organization! I’m impressed by the level of conscientiousness demonstrated by those who work to promote the mission statement of the OSF. Good people, doing good.

  4. It’s simply amazing how much nonprofit organizational detail involved. It’s mind boggling.

    Thanks for all the work you do.

  5. Thanks for the update. I Love the open stories foundation and greatly appreciate everyones hard work. Keep up the great work.

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