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  1. I haven’t listened to this podcast and I may not at all, as I have lost a loved one to suicide, but I wanted to say that I am so very sorry for Brennan’s loss and for the loss that he, his family, and his family’s friends are suffering. We survivors of suicide (the loved ones who suffer the loss) are, unfortunately, becoming less rare, but I think it is important to be cognizant of how complicated our grieving is, when sharing these stories. I hope that everyone will be kind to all who are grieving Kip Harris’ death. Heartfelt wishes to you all!

    1. Dear Laura,

      I am sorry for your loss. You are right. Your grief is complicated… and really, never truly over. I hope you are at peace, or on the way there. With my own losses, it has sometimes taken years, and sometimes decades… but eventually… I have gotten better.

      Be well. ((((Hugs))))


  2. Dear Brennan,

    I am very sorry for your loss. Having heard about your dad’s life, I can’t help but think he had so many things he would have loved to share with you and your siblings, and ALL the people who loved him, in future years. You have represented Kip Brower Harris very well. My heart reaches out to you… and no prayers from this atheist… just lots and lots of compassion and understanding.

    Brennan, I wish you all the best in the years to come!!! ((((Hugs))))

    And, for anyone else reading this… please, I urge you to NOT go to ANY therapist who has not had therapy as a requirement of training. Therapists MUST be healthy to be proficient in a role that requires a healthy relationship (a relationship between client and therapist, patient and doctor, seeker and healer). A therapist/doctor/healer cannot truly empathize with the client/patient/seeker if they have not been THAT VULNERABLE themselves!! I was required to have therapy during both my masters and doctoral studies in Counseling and Clinical Psychology. And that was in the 80’s!!!! I accept the benefit and growth that John reports from therapy for him and his family, and recommend that people do not wait until they are desperate. Coaching is good for baseball, and it’s good for LIFE! We can all be better!

    XO Debbie

  3. An horrific experience. Everything in this experience is complex. It underscores why middle aged men are in such a high risk for suicide, they often have alot to lose and not alot of time for a do-over. I am the same age as this man and once found myself in a similar situation. I fought through and reinvented my life. I suffered and my family suffered, but a new day dawned. Every day that we are above ground we have hope, we have the chance for a “do-over”, our story can still be worked on, improved and expanded. Time really does heal all wounds. An instant of fear, anger, humiliation and embarrassment can have a life altering effect.

  4. There have been two suicides within my extended Mormon family. In my opinion the church is a form of social engineering, (which is not good, especially in the absence of any democratic process) but worse yet the system is run by people who don’t know what they are doing, and unintended consequences follow.

  5. Love & support to your family. Thank you so much for sharing. This literally changed my life. I have had some serious ideations this year. If my thoughts go down that road, I will ask for help. Thank you.

  6. Brennan I am so sorry for your loss. I lost a brother to death by suicide, and as you said, it’s complicated. I appreciate your honesty, openness, and willingness to share. Twenty-five-plus years after the death of my brother, it is still so hard to process. Thinking of you and your family and wishing you all much comfort during this time. I send my heartfelt condolences. John Dehlin – your podcast is INCREDIBLE, thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing work that you are doing. You continue to touch lives in such a positive way. Best, Holly

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