“On The Other Side – Millennials and Religion” Episode 2

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The On The Other Side Podcast is a weekly, hour-long podcast distributed by the Open Stories Foundation. It is a diverse panel representing varied voices within the millennial religious experience who will discuss topics relating to their personal spiritual journeys.

In episode two, we interview Carlos Nobleza Posas. Carlos was born and raised in New Orleans where he was very active in the Catholic faith. He attended Catholic schools all through elementary and high school and became a campus minister when he was old enough. He believed deeply in the Catholic church until his Freshman year of college when he took a literature class where they studied the Bible as a literary text. It was during this time that Carlos began to lose his belief in the Catholic church and in the traditional Judeo-Christian god.

Carlos now lives in Salt Lake City where he is an actor. He is not religious but has fond feelings of his religious life growing up.


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  1. It’s so good to hear these young people give their opinions and experiences of lds life from the the temple experience to baptisms for the dead and everything else that goes along side, thanks everyone.

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