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The On The Other Side Podcast is a weekly, hour-long podcast distributed by the Open Stories Foundation. It is a diverse panel representing varied voices within the millennial religious experience who will discuss topics relating to their personal spiritual journeys

For our first episode, we introduce our three co-hosts (Chris, Michelle, and Blake) and we chat about how each of them got to where they are now in relation to spiritual/religious identity, practice, and beliefs.

Chris, Michelle, and Blake all grew up Mormon (LDS). But various experiences and issues throughout the years have made them feel more distanced from Mormonism in a variety of ways.

While briefly summarizing the stories surrounding these experiences and issues, we end up discussing transcendence, zealous Mormon evangelism, missionary service, ritualistic Temple worship, historical/doctrinal study, and institutional disillusionment.

In the future, we hope to explore some of these faith transition-related topics, both inside and outside of Mormonism, in much more depth. But to build the foundation for those conversations, we wanted to start with a robust introduction of our “origin stories,” so to speak. Enjoy!



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  1. Michelle, Chris & Blake!

    Well done! I really enjoyed listening to three obviously whip-smart Millennials … all three of whom have committed the unpardonable sin of … drum roll … continuing to think … AFTER the prophet made an end of speaking.

    I am b.i.c. 1950 (5th generation TBM on both sides) and “out” since 1980 … before any of you were born. Because I am so old and wise by now (or at least old), I will share an insight with you … which you might consider as a topic for a future podcast.

    Here is my root-cause analysis (I am an engineer) of why members are leaving the Church in droves. It’s dirt simple.

    When you want to see clearly, simply turn the sound OFF. Humans in general, and The Brethren in particular, use their lips to TELL you what they want you to believe about them and about the Church.

    Fact: Talk is cheap. Talk costs nothing. Talk can say whatever you want.

    Fact: Liars lie. It’s what liars do. They lie. Liars will TELL you whatever they want you to believe about them and about you yourself and about the Church and about everything else under the sun.

    Instead of LISTENING to someone’s words, turn the volume control to zero, and then sharpen your eyesight to carefully OBSERVE their BEHAVIORS.

    Maxim: One’s behaviors are inexorably, unequivocally driven from one’s core values. When viewed through a wide-angle lens, behaviors reliably and consistently unveil the truth. At the end of the day, after all the words have been spoken, it is BEHAVIORS that reveal the true essence and content of one’s hearts and soul … what one truly cares about and will ultimately defend at all cost.

    Michelle, Chris & Blake, during your inaugural podcast, you all cited various BEHAVIORS of The Brethren as examples of the Maxim described above. All you need do is peer under the hood to connect+the+dots and coalesce a fairly accurate revelation of what kinds of core values had to be the driving force that generated those behaviors that so clearly FAIL the WWJD test.

    I assert that the following statement is true and correct:

    Virtually ALL of the Christ-like goodness, generosity, kindness, acceptance, and unconditional love that exists within the LDS Church and Mormon community is found … where? Where is it found? It is found in abundance within the core values OF THE MEMBERS who genuinely resonate in their own hearts and souls with the teachings of Jesus.

    Ultimately, more and more of these good, kind, decent, loving human beings are awakening to the sad reality that they have committed their time, life energy and resources supporting an institution owned and controlled by leadership whose personal, core values DO NOT MATCH – ARE NOT IN ALIGNMENT WITH – ARE DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED TO the core values of many, if not most Church members … of all flavors, stripes, nuances and persuasions.

    To say it in different words, members leave the Church after awakening to discover their allegiance is to an organization whose leadership’s core values are nothing short of an EGREGIOUS INSULT to anyone who simply believes that treating and respecting others as you would appreciate being treated and respected … if your roles were reversed … is not only a good idea, but the key to a happy and successful Life on Earth.

    Ladies and gentlemen, it’s all about core values.

    The Brethren value-at-their-core … three things above all else: 1) obedience; 2) obedience; and 3) obedience.

    What? You’re not showing us obedience? Then DO let the door smack you in the butt … on your way OUT … as we EXCOMMUNICATE your disobedient ass.


    Greatness has just begun!

    You guys ROCK!

    Bring it ON!

  2. So interesting to hear other individuals stories, how the may thongs work for them and their own discoveries into mormonism, the good and the bad, thanks very much guys, keep up the good work.

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