493-494; 497-499b: Brent Metcalfe – Early Years, Mark Hofmann, the Salamander Letter, the Bombings, the Book of Abraham, and Life After Mormonism

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Few people had more of a front-row seat than Brent Metcalfe to the goings-on surrounding Mark Hofmann, the “Salamander Letter,” and the tragic events of October 1985 — what would …

396: Kristine Haglund and Brent Metcalfe (2012 Seattle Conference)

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Dialogue Editor Kristine Haglund and author Brent Metcalfe speak at the 2012 Mormon Stories Seattle Conference.

1405-1406: Sandra Tanner – Reflections on Mark Hofmann and “Murder Among the Mormons”

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Part 1: Sandra shares her memories and experiences with Mark Hofmann. Part 2: Sandra shares her reflections on “Murder Among the Mormons.” This week Mormonism and the world (basically) have …

1339-1341: Dr. Robert Ritner – An Expert Egyptologist Translates the Book of Abraham

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URGENT: Dr. Ritner is facing kidney failure and is in need of a living donor to secure his life and continued research. If you can help, please contact Dana McClain, Northwestern …

Anthon Script

As his affiliation and financial commitment to Joseph Smith deepened, immediately prior to the publishing of the Book of Mormon, Martin Harris sought greater confirmation of Smith’s prophetic calling.  In 1828 …

511: Jan Shipps — New History of the Prairie and Mountain Saints; Race and Gender

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Mormon Stories is very proud to introduce its newest sister podcast — Mormon Studies Podcast! In its inagural episode, host Brent Metcalfe interviews Jan Shipps. Jan is professor emeritus of …