Regional Support Communities

Mormon Stories regional communities seek to be safe and supportive spaces where community members can interact authentically, develop real-world friendships, and share their life stories. The communities were organized in order to provide an additional dimension of support beyond on-line discussion taking place at Mormon Stories websites.

Communities welcome Mormons from across the orthodoxy spectrum, but they are especially meaningful to those who have undergone or are undergoing a crisis or transition in their faith. Many members of Mormon Stories regional communities have experienced significant pain and distress after discovering information about LDS Church history on the internet, and many suffer feelings of isolation because they believe that speaking candidly about what they have discovered or experienced might lead to church discipline, expulsion from their ward communities, or exclusion from their families. The Mormon Stories regional communities, then, seek to alleviate pain, distress and isolation by providing safe, real-world spaces where Mormons can support and strengthen one another in communities of mutual respect, acceptance, and love as they continue to reflect on the Mormon tradition and its value in their lives.

Mormon Stories regional communities are made up of individuals who voluntarily identify with Mormonism. The Open Stories Foundation, the Mormon Stories podcast, and the Mormon Stories regional communities do not attempt to convince members to stay in the LDS church, leave the LDS church or make specific changes in regards to activity or affiliation of any kind. Consequently, regional communities have a different impact on different individuals. As a result of community involvement, some Mormons have elected to leave the church, others have found the strength they felt they needed to return to church after many years of inactivity, and still others have found the strength they feel they need to continue practicing Mormonism actively. The intent of the Mormon Stories communities is to support and strengthen members regardless of life-decisions.

If you are interested in joining a regional support community, please click here.

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  1. M.DOrtiz
    June 6, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    I am interested in joining a regional support group in southern Utah or St. George. However, the only contact you give is by signing into Facebook. I do not or ever want to use Facebook. This is a limiting factor, can you provide an alternative to contact these groups? Thank you!

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